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November 26, 2006

Red Light Cameras Coming to Lynnwood

In an attempt to fill the city coffers, as well as increase intersection accidents, the city of Lynnwood is installing "red light" cameras.

It's bad enough that our roads are governed by ignorant jerks with control issues, waiting to pull over anyone who makes a mistake, drives the wrong car, or has an excess of melanin. Now it's becoming acceptable to install cameras to watch us and FINE us if we misbehave.

To make matters worse, a study by the Virginia DOT actually showed that installation of red light cameras INCREASED accidents.

Sure, accidents in the intersection decreased, but there were more accidents involving cars who slammed on their brakes and were as a result rear-ended. These cameras are a boon for the city, AND for auto body shops!

But they're not the only ones making money. The camera vendors often take a cut... sometimes a BIG cut: more than 50% of the fines levied.

December 4, 2006

Red Light Cameras Catching Scofflaws in Seattle

Who knew how many evil red light runners there were in the City of Seattle? Apparently a lot, according to the Seattle Times.

Since July, 5,500 citations have been mailed to drivers after traffic-light cameras at four intersections snapped their photos. The fine is $101, and police say the one-year pilot program appears to be working just as it's supposed to: catching scofflaws while allowing police officers to spend their time preventing other offenses.

Just in case you weren't counting, that's over $550,000 in fines! Talk about bringing home the bacon!

December 9, 2006

Typical Cop

This cop tickets somebody for the terrible, terrible offense of cutting through a parking lot or gas station or something to avoid a traffic light. Yes, they shouldn't do it. But maybe the cop should be a little more understanding given his own inability to handle a motor vehicle.

(Warning: Naughty Cop Language)

April 2, 2007

To Protect and Serve (Themselves): Cops Want to Ticket Ferry Cheaters

Apparently there's an epidemic of people cutting in line to get on ferries ahead of others who patiently wait in line for two hours.

Sgt. Craig Johnson, a state trooper, said that when officers catch people cutting in line, they ask them to go to the back.... Still, some people won't budge.... "In that case, we really don't have a tool to use," he said.

Senate Bill 5088 would give officers the option of issuing a ticket for a traffic violation. State Patrol Capt. Jeff DeVere said he doesn't expect troopers to start handing out a lot of fines.

"We're not going to be out there with our ticket book writing unlimited tickets," he said. The proposed law, he said, "will let everybody know this is unacceptable behavior. We hope this will be somewhat of a deterrent."

Riiiight. Our police officers would NEVER use silly regulations to impose fines on normally upstanding citizens.

April 20, 2007

To Protect and Serve (Themselves) II: Another WSP Trooper Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Excerpts from the Seattle Times:

A State Patrol trooper was charged Thursday with custodial sexual misconduct for allegedly having sex with a woman he pulled over in 2005. (Mr.) Torres, 44, who is on paid administrative leave, is required to appear at the Regional Justice Center in Kent on May 2 to be arraigned. He has not been arrested.

The woman he's charged with sexually assaulting, 38, is one of three who independently lodged complaints against Torres in June 2005, according to charging papers.... Torres allegedly took the woman to a Federal Way weigh station. He told her he had previously had sex there with other women he had arrested and then proceeded to fondle her breasts and sexually assault her, according to the charging papers.

If convicted, Torres could face 6-12 months in jail and would have to register as a sex offender.... Torres is the second trooper in recent years accused of similar misconduct during stops of female drivers. (Mr.) Idland, a six-year State Patrol trooper, pleaded guilty to three counts of custodial sexual misconduct in 2005 after 10 women accused him of sexual assaulting them during traffic stops.

Not surprising. It's all about control for these people. Sick sick sick sick sick.

May 6, 2007

To Protect and Serve... Themselves III: NJ Cops Threaten Radio Talkers Who Exposed Ticket Campaign

Over in New Jersey, the state police have been in damage control mode ever since one of their own was involved in an accident where he was driving 91 miles per hour while simultaneously text messaging. Their bright idea to fix their public image? Act like jerks.

But word of their plan was leaked to a New Jersey talk show.

From the Homeland Stupidity blog:

On Tuesday, they reported on their show about anonymous postings in a password-protected area of the State Troopers Fraternal Association Web site in which troopers planned to “Crush in May and Cruise in June.” According to the postings, troopers would step up ticket writing efforts during the month of May, to “absolutely hammer everyone (obviously except cops and family) who does 1 m.p.h. over the limit,” according to one such posting, and in June, to establish rolling roadblocks along New Jersey highways to disrupt traffic flow.

In response to the leak, the state police union leader gave out the home addresses of the talk show hosts, and threatened to "crush" the leakers.

From the Courier-News

Angered that a popular radio show drew attention to police message board posts calling for a ticket-writing blitz, the head of the state troopers' union Thursday said the show had endangered police and showed television cameras the home address and license plate number of New Jersey 101.5 FM personality Craig Carton.

What's more outrageous? That NJ state police think it's okay to threaten those who call them out for abusive behavior? Or that they seem to think that abuse of power is okay in the first place. Fortunately, state officials put an end to talk of a ticket drive in May. But that doesn't change the fact that these individuals view drivers as people to be punished, intimidated, and used for their own purposes. They believe that wearing a badge gives them an exclusive right to act like thugs.

The Asbury Park Press reports on some of the comments from the state trooper message board.

"Let's really give them something to complain about.... We must all do this together. Don't let the brass tell us any different.... When they were on the road, they could deal with people the way they needed to be treated, but unfortunately it is a different time.... Crush 'em in May."

"I am all for the May 1st blitz ... Better start pre-signing my summonses."

"Crush the whole month of May and slow down for the next 5-7 weeks."

"Just hang out in the right lane doing 70 and pick off the first (expletive) that goes by, shouldn't take long considering our plummeting respect."

Could there be a reason for your plummeting respect?

August 19, 2008

To Protect and Serve... Themselves IV: Texas Cop Doesn't Care About Dogs.

Oh boy.

A San Marcos, Texas, police officer has been accused of inappropriate behavior during a traffic stop which may have lead to a dog's death.

Officer Paul Stephens spotted driver Michael Gonzalez speeding down Interstate 35 and pulled him over for clocking 100 miles per hour....

Gonzalez and his girlfriend said they were speeding because they were rushing their choking teacup poodle Missy to an emergency veterinary clinic for treatment....

"You're driving down the highway at 100 per hour," he said sternly. "It's a dog, it's OK. You can get another one. Relax"

Gonzalez had to wait fifteen minutes on the side of the road, during which their dog died. Stephens was found not guilty of misconduct.

So, I'm curious. What would Mr. Stephens do if HIS dog was dying. Would he hop in his patrol car and drive 100MPH down the freeway to the vet?

P.S. I asked the San Marcos police chief this very question. I also noted that Mr. Stephen's actions, and his superiors inactions, are the reason police are no longer portrayed as Joe Friday, and are instead represented by Chief Wiggum and Lt. Jim Dangle.

November 18, 2009

Credit Where Credit is Due: Kind to Kitties Cop

Normally when I talk about cops, it's about how much I can't stand their hypocrisy. But once in a while you run into a cop who isn't a complete jerk. Take this guy.

Good job Mr. Officer.

Yes, I know I haven't posted in over a year.

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