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To Protect and Serve... Themselves III: NJ Cops Threaten Radio Talkers Who Exposed Ticket Campaign

Over in New Jersey, the state police have been in damage control mode ever since one of their own was involved in an accident where he was driving 91 miles per hour while simultaneously text messaging. Their bright idea to fix their public image? Act like jerks.

But word of their plan was leaked to a New Jersey talk show.

From the Homeland Stupidity blog:

On Tuesday, they reported on their show about anonymous postings in a password-protected area of the State Troopers Fraternal Association Web site in which troopers planned to “Crush in May and Cruise in June.” According to the postings, troopers would step up ticket writing efforts during the month of May, to “absolutely hammer everyone (obviously except cops and family) who does 1 m.p.h. over the limit,” according to one such posting, and in June, to establish rolling roadblocks along New Jersey highways to disrupt traffic flow.

In response to the leak, the state police union leader gave out the home addresses of the talk show hosts, and threatened to "crush" the leakers.

From the Courier-News

Angered that a popular radio show drew attention to police message board posts calling for a ticket-writing blitz, the head of the state troopers' union Thursday said the show had endangered police and showed television cameras the home address and license plate number of New Jersey 101.5 FM personality Craig Carton.

What's more outrageous? That NJ state police think it's okay to threaten those who call them out for abusive behavior? Or that they seem to think that abuse of power is okay in the first place. Fortunately, state officials put an end to talk of a ticket drive in May. But that doesn't change the fact that these individuals view drivers as people to be punished, intimidated, and used for their own purposes. They believe that wearing a badge gives them an exclusive right to act like thugs.

The Asbury Park Press reports on some of the comments from the state trooper message board.

"Let's really give them something to complain about.... We must all do this together. Don't let the brass tell us any different.... When they were on the road, they could deal with people the way they needed to be treated, but unfortunately it is a different time.... Crush 'em in May."

"I am all for the May 1st blitz ... Better start pre-signing my summonses."

"Crush the whole month of May and slow down for the next 5-7 weeks."

"Just hang out in the right lane doing 70 and pick off the first (expletive) that goes by, shouldn't take long considering our plummeting respect."

Could there be a reason for your plummeting respect?

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