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Taco Bell Wants to Know Who's Interested in Their "Fourth Meal"

I mentioned a couple days ago that Taco Bell is advertising the idea of a "fourth meal" between dinner and breakfast. TB is perfectly suited to cater to those people who decide to grab some fast food between, say, 11PM and 2AM. Of course, if you want to eat between 3AM and 5AM or so, your only choices are McDonalds or Jack in the Box, at least in these circles. There used to be some 24HR Taco Bells around, but I haven't seen one in a long time.

Apparently iChameleon Group developed the "fourth meal" website, because they appeared to be checking their referral stats. Why they would even notice us is beyond me, other than the possibility that nobody else is paying attention to the "fourth meal" campaign. The only other blog entry I could find is in German (I think.) And even then I think they're talking about the technology, not the actual food. Like I'd know anything about that... we're just happy when our category images aren't broken.

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This seems like a ploy to make America fatter.


More likely a ploy to make Taco Bell's wallets fatter! Making America fatter is just a nice by-product.

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