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Taco Bell Wants You to Eat a "Fourth Meal"

Taco Bell appears to have a new advertising campaign suggesting their customers engage in a "fourth meal." It's described as "the meal between dinner and breakfast" and touts the fact that most Taco Bells are open pretty late.

Finding new avenues for profit must be hard in the fast food industry. After all, you can only raise prices so much, and it's hard to make a big impact on market share once you're an established leader like Taco Bell. Taco Bell isn't even open for breakfast, so they've only got the lunch and dinner crowd to cater to. Hey, wait! Why not just create a whole new meal!

This would have been marketing genius five years ago, but today fast food chains are under scrutiny for their contribution to our national obesity epidemic. I'm not saying they're to blame, but wouldn't you think trying to sell people on an additional, unnecessary meal might fuel the fire, so to speak?

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