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Idiot Claims Fetuses Can't Feel Pain

Oh boy. An "expert" claims that a fetus can't feel pain... because it needs to be born and then learn what pain is after birth.

But to properly experience pain, the mind must also be developed, something which cannot happen until after birth. The mind permits the subjectivity of pain, said the U.K. expert, who has previously served as an unpaid consultant to Planned Parenthood of Virginia and Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, as well as the U.K.-based Pro-Choice Forum.

"The key thing is representational memory," Derbyshire explained. "If you want to discriminate pain from hunger, from vision, or from any other sensational experience, you need to be able to label it in some way, and that will come from interactions with the primary caregiver," -- in other words, after birth.

Hey, moron! Can you really equate the feelings of hunger or vision with the feeling of getting your body violently ripped apart? Even my cat can tell the difference, and he's exceptionally dumb, even for a cat. Although, I think he might have you beat, intelligence-wise that is.

I don't know if a fetus is life or if we should outlaw abortion or any of that, but I do have some advice for you. Shut up! You have spent too much time in your little "intellectual" world and not enough time in the real one.

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