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Check Out This Picture of Timmy

Check out this picture of Timmy I found on the internet.

I wonder who he's with.

What? Oh, I'm so sorry! That's not Timmy! That's the guy that plays Draco Malfoy. I get them confused all the time.

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Draco whosit?


Draco's the bad guy in Harry Potter. Oh, sure, the actual villain is Voldemort, but Draco's the real bad guy... you love to hate him and you love to love him too.


Yea, that sounds kinda like me. ;)


I have to tell you, I really thought it was Timmy. I'm really embarressed by this... I've always thought Timmy kind of looked like him, but this pictures I guess makes it true. He is also on some British or Candadian superhero comic/real life little kid show (he has an alter ego cartoon character that fights some evil guy...that's about all I know about it.)


That scene where Draco shows up at the Quidditch Cup I was laughing hard cause he's all dressed up and he looks like Timmy working hard all lawyering and stuff.

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