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A Little Plagarism in Beauty and the Beast?

My lovely sister has pointed out something interesting on the message boards that I thought all should notice.

She found a rendition of Beauty and the Beast from the old Muppet Show. Listen to the music carefully. Does it sound a little familiar. Just a bit?

Now listen to the prologue from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.


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Yeah, but Disney's Beauty and the Beast has a little more tempo to it. So what? So the music sounds a little familiar. I mean look at Lion King. No you are probably saying what is wrong with Lion King. Well, to be truthful, the story isn't original. Lion King was supposed to be the first Disney Movie not based on a book (unlike Aliddan, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, etc.) but Disney didn't come with the idea on their own. A couple years before, there was a Japanese Anime Movie called Kimba, the White Lion. Now I thought it was just a concidence that there was a letter change between Kimba and Simba. But it turns out the plot of Kimba the White Lion in similiar to The Lion King.

Lion growing up to be King. Evil Villian with a Scar and not to mention the same shaped rock that we see Simba announces his final return. I don't know about the other parts. But it does seem like maybe Disney borrowed the idea of Kimba, the White Lion to make The Lion King.

And I learned this in High School, when we were making our Spanish Alphabet books. One girl did an entire book about Anime and that's where it came from.

And sure Kimba, the White Lion probably didn't the music styles of Elton John and "Kakuna Matata." but Disney had to make Lion King stand out as an awesome animated film.


Didn't what the music styles?!?


I have heard of Kimba the white lion, and I was pretty sure that it came out after the Lion King, but maybe I was wrong. Digimon came first!!!!


No, Kimba came out LONG before Lion King. I want to say like the 70s. I'm sure you could google it.


Pokemon came first!!!

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