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School is Cool.

I was originally thinking I was going to have to drop my math class this quarter, due to failing one of the two quizzes I have taken in it, but luckily I pulled through on the first midterm and received a 92%, only four points away from the top score in the class! Sadly, that's the highest grade I've received on a midterm this quarter. In Chemistry I got an 85%, and on my biology (botany) exam, I received an 85% as well. I'm doing well on the quizzes, though (9/10 on the lab practical quiz, which consisted of looking at a bunch of cells and stuff under a microscope and indentifying tissues, cells, and functions of them), and in botany there will be some extra credit points that I can use to make up for the 85%. In my chemistry lecture, I just need to buckle down and study more, like I did in math. One of the difficult parts of this quarter for me is the fact that I'm basically taking four classes, since the Chemistry lab is a separate course with its own grade, instructor, quizzes, finals, etc. So it's been tough to balance out the study time between the four courses.

This has been the most exciting quarter, however, in terms of meeting people. I have a lot of the same people in both my Botany and Inorganic Chemistry class, and the majority are majoring in health sciences, so they'll most likely be in many of my classes in the future. Definitely they'll be in the next quarter of biology, since its only offered once next quarter. And the people in the Inorganic series will either fail it and have to repeat it (not uncommon), or they'll continue on with me to the second in the Inorganic series, and then the third. So it's nice to have the same people in your classes, and you really get to know them well. Also, they're very determined students, since they are pre-health sciences.

Anyway, the quarter is half over, so I just thought I'd update. I'm very excited because one of the people in my botany and chem class is right now medical technologist (and incidentally, he's also a nurse, my original major). He loves his job as a MT and says it is a GREAT career. He's only going back to school to pursue pathology in med school, because he ultimately wants to run the lab, but it's so nice to hear such positive things about being an MT. I've researched it a lot and I haven't heard anything really negative about it.

That's what's been happening in my life. Everyone pray for Michael for his recent job interview! He would be awesome at the job, so let's all hope they will see that too!

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