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Job Update: 2-10-06

Well, I went to an interview yesterday at the King County Emergency Coordination Center (ECC). People keep asking me how I did. I always think I do well at these interviews, but I never get hired. I mean... it's an interview. I'm nervous. I don't feel like I do my best. But I'm a perfectionist who has to take Luvox in order to deal with obsessive and compulsive thoughts. Can you really trust me? More on this in a minute.

First, let's look at some comments from good ol' Velma.

Well, Michael. If it makes you feel any better, Levi and I got turned down from an apt. bc I make to much. HAH. I make 12 bucks an hour. We didn't even have levi's expected income in there. I think it's impossible to find something...We'll probably have to live with his parents for awhile. I either make too much or make too little. Never thought that 12 bucks would be too much. Levi has an interview ith Adventist Health here at 9am. (right now) So cross our fingers. He's had a hard time finding a job as well. Owell, at least we have my steady job as a manager at a subway. Nothing glamorous but pays well, and I get the hours I want.

Before I respond to this comment, I want to show you all something disgusting.

Ah, young love. Now, on to the comments. We're having a similar situation here. Our apartment complex wants us to resign our lease. But we don't really want to live here anymore. Unfortunately, right now I don't have a job so I can't really provide proof of income anywhere else. And the apartment complex says that we're in default and need to decide now. I haven't even mentioned to them that we've lost our mail keys. The whole mail thing is really stressing me out, so I'm just ignoring it. I figure the worst thing that can happen is the postal service will hate me. The only thing we get in there are bills and junk.

Anyway, so I went to this interview yesterday. Thanks to horrendous traffic, and my inability to accurately predict it, I was ten minutes late. I was pretty upset, but they were ready to go. They interviewed all day yesterday, so each interview was 30 minutes long, and ten of my minutes were up already. They were pretty accomodating though, and given that I was breathing like an overweight 30 year old whose just run from the parking lot, they seemed to be kind of understanding. Anyway, after twenty minutes and six questions, I went ahead and took a written test. I rocked the written test. That and my web skills test should hopefully make up for any negatives during the interview.

I really went with casual for the interview too. No tie... just a nice white shirt, with the top button undone, and my black Ralph Lauren sweater. I felt good, and so I felt that would help my performance. I mean, I'm trying anything at this point.

This job has absolutely NOTHING to do with economics, unfortunately, but it is a good job that plays to my strengths.

Apparently the new ECC building is winning praise for it's architectual something or other. You can see a picture of building here.
It seems nice. It's very nice inside. Jennifer says that's what happens when you work for the government. They have a way of spending money.

Anyway, this job would be totally awesome and I would love to have it. If they think I rocked, they'll pass me on to the director, who will interview me and decide if I'm the guy, or if somebody else is. So, let's hope I get this one.

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hey! Thanks for making fun of my picture:P We were at lake Tahoe. Practicing ( I can't spell this morning) our "wedding kiss". Levi's interview went well yesterday. He said they interviewed him for an hour and he talked to 4 people and they even showed him around. They said they could call as early as yesterday afternoon. Well, they haven't and we're hanging on to every phone call, hoping and anticipating that its them. The job isn't exactly what he wants to do either. It'd be computer support, not programming and he'd have to work some graveyard shifts. The pay probably won't be that great either. He doesn't know yet though. However, they said if he worked there for a year, then he'd be eligible for a programming position making 70+ a year. So with that in mind...He's going to take it if they offer it too him. Plus the location is fantastic. We could still live in Grass Valley and I could be a manger at Subway. We just have to figure out how we are both going to manage on one car. It's just stressful not knowing where we are living or how we are going to live for the matter. But who cares! we're getting married in almost a week! And it's supposed to be rainy and possibly snow, but nothing is going to ruin that day for me.:D


Good idea to practice the wedding kiss. Jennifer and I didn't and then we just kinda went at it. I think maybe it was a little too much myself.

Anyway, I was just teasing... it looks cute! Must go pick up Jennifer... we've only got one car too!

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