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Most Ridiculous Grey's Anatomy Ending Ever

So last night on Grey's Anatomy, there's a bomb and they successfully remove it from some idiot war re-enacter. Everybody survives... except the bomb squad guy. He walks the bomb out the door and then blows up. I mean, he's entirely destroyed, as far as I can tell. There is nothing left of him, apparently. It's hard to tell. It's just this shocking moment where you are like "what just happened!?" even though you watched the whole thing in slow motion.

But what makes the moment worse is the follow-up. The surgeons appear out of the elevator, and they are all smiles. Congratulations! We saved the guy with the bomb in his chest! We saved The Nazi's husband! HURRAY! HURRAY!

Nobody seems to have noticed that a BOMB just went off in the hospital and at least one, and possibly TWO PEOPLE DIED! Seriously, there is absolutely NO REACTION TO THIS!!! Nobody seems traumatized by this event... or in the very least a little bit shocked. A BOMB blew up in your hospital. People are dead. Should people really be standing around congratulating each other?

I was just in complete silence. And you know what the worst part of the whole thing is? Is that they actually had McDreamy head over to Meredith's house and they talked about their relationship. And it was GOOD! I mean, it was really good. I left thinking "I totally feel the motivation here!"

It was the most ridiculous ending I have ever seen. It was so incredibly bad, yet it was so incredibly good. And in the end, nothing changes. McDreamy doesn't want to be with is wife. George still can't be with Meredith. And the model and the jerk are still having sex. It's like the show just rewound all the way back to the beginning of the season.

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I think it was the most intense show yet. I was upset that the guy did get blown to a pink mist. I thought I saw another guy at the end of the hall before the explosion. I need a rewind.

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