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Majority of Today's Visitors Located at Fisher Plaza

It turns out our buddies over at KOMO appear to have found our entry about their visit with us regular Joes. It must be getting passed around the office, because almost half of our traffic today is from them. I can't tell who is visiting, but referrer logs do show a Kathi G. and a Connie T. That's kinda weird. Cause normally I'm watching them. And now... they're watching me. Also, I called Connie tiny. Oops.

Update: They probably are creeped out by this entry where I pretend I'm hanging out with Dan Lewis... as if that's a regular thing.

Update 2: A Dan L. and Eric J. dropped by a few minutes ago between newscasts. That's pretty cool! Seriously... I don't have a life and little things like this excite me. How sad.

Update 3: Steve P. dropped by around 9:50 tonight, so we've pretty much hit all the main anchors. We're missing Mike Dardis, Todd Johnson, and that new morning girl. (Denise Whitaker.) Mike signed his autograph with "Thanks for watching!" even though I told him I don't wake up that early. Good man, Mike, good man!

Update 4: Monday morning has arrived and I guess we're still popular with the KOMO gang. D. Whitaker and Todd J. dropped by. In case you're wondering, I only know this because the referrer tags show their usernames... the webpage is stored on a hard drive somewhere at Fisher Plaza, and I'm guessing they're hitting the server for the pictures or something.

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That's neat March. I can't say any famous people have probably read anything I wrote. :)


Yes, I find it kind of bizarre. I'm kind of embarrassed actually, because they probably think the site is really stupid.

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