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My Secret Confession of the Day: I Love Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is a great movie. I mean, it's not a GREAT movie. It's a great movie. It is beautifully filmed. It has possibly the greatest setting and props possible for a movie. It is probably one of the most moving time periods in our history. This is a movie that had the potential to just be the biggest movie in the world. It's just beautiful.

Of course, there's all that Ben Affleck and a stupid love story and Alec Baldwin as Doolittle. I mean, it's really stupid. You know, I had the honor of chauffeuring one of the REAL heroes of Pearl Harbor around... one of the two men who made it up into the air to defend our country that day. He was a great guy. They all were, the men who lived and the men who died... the women who supported them at home and at war.

You know what would have made Pearl Harbor a GREAT movie? If they just got rid of the stupid actors altogether. Just put in nobodies and just film what happened. No bizarre love triangle. No awful leftist pansy actors pretending to be real Americans. Just film the planes and the heroes... the men who fought for our country, and yes, the men who fought for theirs. Now that would have been a GREAT movie... a truly GREAT movie!

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