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Remember that house we fell in love with?

Part of us was kind of sad to see the home we fell in love with finally sell after years as a model home. $443,775 was the final price. But hey, it turns out the home is for sale again. After living in the home for two months, the owners decided to sell. They initially tried to sell it for $445K in September. Today it's being offered for $399,000. Which isn't too bad, because I remember we priced it out and that house would have sold for around $300,000 at the time, which we thought was really really high, but now seems dirt cheap.


Of course, chances are this home won't sell for $399,000 either. Home prices will adjust downward to 2005 levels at a minimum, which means the value of this house may be less than $300,000. On the other hand, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this home at $300,000 if the time were right and we were planning on living in that area. It's truly a beautiful home.

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