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Our Neighbor Has won a Nobel Prize

Our neighbor has won the Nobel Prize for excellent parking. Not only can she not park straight in her spot, but she also parks over the line and slightly into my spot every single day. I park as far away from other cars as possible, but she seems to think that just means she gets to encroach on my space even more.

I am frankly not sure what to do to remedy this. I do not want to deal with her and her husband directly; I don't need the drama, they don't speak English, and also they are obviously stupid. I have complained three times to the apartment management who aren't doing anything. I asked the people on Yahoo! Answers who told me I should bring them a present. (I'm not kidding!)

What do I do? Any suggestions gang? By gang I mean my family, hopefully Timmy, and the mysterious Itobun.

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Thank you for including me. I guessed she must be an Italian because I heard many EC people worried whether or not Italian people could get on well with them because they usually drive so recklessly and park so halfheartedly. If my memory serves me right, your present should be some Italian food - spaghetti or some such, kidding haha.

Anyway, it is so surprising that a Japanese guy who don't have any Italian friends or acquaintances know well how roughly they drive, isn't it?


Go steal some parking cones and put it on the line or even across her parking spot (if it's not assigned.) Or tell your neighbors that someone keeps hitting your car in the parking lot and you are trying to find the culprit.


If you can't find some orange cones find something that you can put next to your car that they can't bump into your car. Come home and we will see what we can find. Just an idea, park in the middle of the spaces and see if they go complain.


Serena's cone idea is a good one! Short of that, the only thing you can really do is A) talk to them about it (which you don't want to do) or B) have them towed - which you theoretically could get away with and be fully justified in doing so because it doesn't look like you can open your driver's side door. Of course, that will thoroughly piss them off and probably lead to retaliatory vandalism. If you want a more passive approach, you can ask your landlord to assign you a new space - or better yet, assign THEM a new space (assuming it's assigned parking). If it's assigned parking, you can also hold the fact that the landlord is allowing a situation in which you don't get full enjoyment and satisfaction out of your rented property - akin to tolerating a trespass by your neighbors. If it's non-assigned parking, you might just be SOL.

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