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One Week - 700... er, I mean 100 Jobs

So my search for a new job hasn't been going very well. My goal right now is to find something either I can stay at (a nice permanent job) or something that might not pay great but at least I can enjoy until something better comes along. For example, I've made it to the next stage for a nice government job that sounds very exciting. The problem is... of course, it's a government job. They're taking FOREVER, as I keep making it through each stage designed to filter out the winners from the losers.

So my goal is to just go crazy this week and apply to so many things I'm bound to get something. My goal is to apply to 700 100 jobs in one week. These include jobs of all types... anything from a serious economics job to something that will make a little extra cash on the side. Like those people who stand on the corner and wave signs... I want their money.

So, I've put this goal here to make sure I don't fail and only apply to 70 or something. It's gotta be 700 100. So here's my timeline of jobs applied for:

UPDATE: My beautiful wife points out that to apply for 700 jobs in one week would require me to apply to a new job every six minutes. Oops. "Are you manic?" she asked. Well, duh. So, let's be more realistic. Let's say 100. That's a much more realistic goal, and then if I get more that's gravy. Sorry if I get too excited!

Current Progress: 8/100

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