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Local News: Horrific Accident on SR 522

Jennifer and I left home yesterday only to find ourselves stopped on our way to 522. Our first indication something might be wrong was the helicopters hovering overhead. Tragically, a horrific accident had just occurred a few blocks to the east... a truck went out of control, hitting pedestrians and killing one. One eyewitness was clearly shaken and disturbed by what he'd seen.

Today the woman, who was walking to the local Park and Ride, was identified. Pedestrians and bus riders are very common on 522, my beautiful wife being one of them. She says drivers on 522 aren't respectful and cautious when it comes to those getting about on foot. She has almost been hit multiple times.

Flowers are not being left at the spot where one woman died. We haven't driven by yet (part of me has avoided going in that direction) but it's interesting to see an outpouring of grief by a community who up until tonight didn't even know the victim's name.

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