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Mrs. Mong Makes Fox News

I heard that some kids at my alma mater, Kentridge High School, had gotten in trouble for posting an offensive video about a teacher. I didn't really pay attention. When we were a kid, we had a great substitute teacher, Mrs. Mong. We LOVED getting Mrs. Mong.

Well, it turns out the current crop of kids at Kentridge don't like Mrs. Mong. And judging by the following video, I can see why...

... it's because the kids are idiots. Honestly, how immature and pathetic can they possibly get.

Turns out poor Mrs. Mong was featured on Fox News too.

Obviously I graduated like a decade and a half ago, so maybe Mrs. Mong has turned into a real witch or something, but I don't really see her doing anything wrong, and I honestly doubt that she only powder bathes once a week. For one, that's ridiculous. And two, why would she tell her students that?

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I honestly don't remember this teacher but I do feel bad for her. I don't remember these kinds of antics when I went to high school. I am thankful that I was able to get into a lot of the honors classes because most of the kids were somewhat grown up and there wasn't as much goofing off (well there was, but it was different, not the immature stuff like this.) Watching the kid and how Mrs Mong reacts to him, I'm thinking he doesn't even belong in this classroom and he's just coming in to interrupt.


I think it's telling that the kids who shot the film didn't put their names on the credits. Cowards.

I especially like how the KID is suing after he posts a video to humiliate his teacher - as if HE'S the victim. What the hell.

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