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November 28, 2006

Scenes from Snowland

Pictures from Jennifer's phone.

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November 26, 2006

Red Light Cameras Coming to Lynnwood

In an attempt to fill the city coffers, as well as increase intersection accidents, the city of Lynnwood is installing "red light" cameras.

It's bad enough that our roads are governed by ignorant jerks with control issues, waiting to pull over anyone who makes a mistake, drives the wrong car, or has an excess of melanin. Now it's becoming acceptable to install cameras to watch us and FINE us if we misbehave.

To make matters worse, a study by the Virginia DOT actually showed that installation of red light cameras INCREASED accidents.

Sure, accidents in the intersection decreased, but there were more accidents involving cars who slammed on their brakes and were as a result rear-ended. These cameras are a boon for the city, AND for auto body shops!

But they're not the only ones making money. The camera vendors often take a cut... sometimes a BIG cut: more than 50% of the fines levied.

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November 06, 2006


So we saw Borat over the weekend. The theater was absolutely packed with people. I was laughing so hard I ended up coughing and unable to breathe, although not as bad as when I watch Arrested Development while I was sick. Wow wow wee! Anyway, Borat is really a pretty disgusting movie, and you wonder how dedicated you have to be to be the guy playing him, but it makes for a very funny movie, if not an offensive and obscene one. Sadly, Borat is so popular now that the character must be retired, and that's a shame, because I don't know how you top the "Running of the Jews"!!!

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