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I Spy: A Dumb Cop

Seen last week in Woodinville... this cop walks into Quiznos and looks at the guy behind the counter, and he says "Did I leave my sunglasses somewhere?" And the guy behind the counter points to the cops hat, where his glasses are sitting.

But these guys, they can tell if I came to a complete stop at an intersection they weren't anywhere near.

Speaking of Woodinville, is there some sort of rich convention going on there lately? I don't mean rich like "BMW rich" but "Ferrari rich." I am seeing a lot of insanely expensive cars there... usually the kind of cars you only see driven by young guys on the Kirkland waterfront who are looking to pick up a girl or two. Anyway, they all seem to be hanging out at the local wine hangout. The best part is they fill up the parking lot so nobody can go to Texas Smokehouse BBQ. Not that anybody would ever go there anyway.

Did I mention that Jennifer and I were out walking last weekend and we come around the corner and there's a guy exposing himself and urinating on the sidewalk. Nice. It was really gross. I wish I had a camera. It would have been really funny. Plus the guy was kinda small. Gross.

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