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June 29, 2006

Sims Serial Numbers

So for some reason people still find this site searching for serial numbers for The Sims. I'm not sure why, because not only do we not have any serial numbers for The Sims, but we probably own every Maxis game ever made, including The Sims, The Sims 2, Sim City 4, The Sims Superstar, The Sims: Mowin' the Lawn for Uncle Hick, and Sims 2: There's No Way Your Computer Can Handle This Game.

So I was thinking, I don't have any Sims serial numbers, but what if I had RON Sims serial numbers?

Cool! I'm kinda torn on Ron. I give props to the guy for being brave enough to run for governor with the agenda of creating a state income tax. I mean, it's probably a horrible idea, but I'd rather hear it straight from Sims than have to see through Gregoire's false smile.

"Sure I won the election!"

On the other hand, Sims is an old school Seattle liberal. He'd do well as mayor of Seattle. But he's not really cut out for a county as large as King County, which is outgrowing it's Seattle roots. Seattle isn't that big of a city. It's actually pretty small, as population goes. It's impressive because it has this relatively large downtown with lots and lots of tall skyscrapers, and it's really beautiful. But most of the people in the region live outside the city. So how can you serve those people in Woodinville and Covington if you're building light rail between Seatac and downtown?

There are a lot of people who are insist that we not be the next LA. We don't want crazy urban sprawl. That's okay, because we're not the next LA. We're more like the Bay Area, where our physical geography limits growth. But the Bay Area also has tons of freeways. We don't have nearly enough freeways. A couple days ago they opened 405 up early, and not enough people knew about it to clog up the commute home. I left work at 5 for a 6PM appointment. I got there at 5:15. When the freeway system actually works, you realize that things are actually quite nice.

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June 28, 2006


I totally fixed the comments thing. Now you have to have a Typekey account (sorry) because I'm tired of filtering through the ads for gay monkey sex. Thanks sis for letting me know it wasn't working. Sad that it took two weeks for anybody to notice.

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I Spy: A Dumb Cop

Seen last week in Woodinville... this cop walks into Quiznos and looks at the guy behind the counter, and he says "Did I leave my sunglasses somewhere?" And the guy behind the counter points to the cops hat, where his glasses are sitting.

But these guys, they can tell if I came to a complete stop at an intersection they weren't anywhere near.

Speaking of Woodinville, is there some sort of rich convention going on there lately? I don't mean rich like "BMW rich" but "Ferrari rich." I am seeing a lot of insanely expensive cars there... usually the kind of cars you only see driven by young guys on the Kirkland waterfront who are looking to pick up a girl or two. Anyway, they all seem to be hanging out at the local wine hangout. The best part is they fill up the parking lot so nobody can go to Texas Smokehouse BBQ. Not that anybody would ever go there anyway.

Did I mention that Jennifer and I were out walking last weekend and we come around the corner and there's a guy exposing himself and urinating on the sidewalk. Nice. It was really gross. I wish I had a camera. It would have been really funny. Plus the guy was kinda small. Gross.

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June 26, 2006

Should we buy a condo?

Rents are going up. Demand for housing has trickled down to demand for condos, and that's finally increasing demand for apartments. I imagine supply is going down too, as apartments are being converted over. By the time our lease is up, we'll probably be looking at $850+ a month for a one bedroom apartment behind a bar where men expose themselves to my wife.

Condos, meanwhile, are selling in the area for about $200,000, which with enough creative financing could end up being around the same price. Provided condo prices don't go down, a condo purchase is a no-lose situation, since at worst you could sell it and pay off the loan. (You might even make money!)

The key question is where are prices headed? If they're going to stabilize, we're okay. If they head down, not so much. It would be nice to have a place of our where we had a little more room and could have a dog, maybe even a little garden. I'd rather have a house, but that's not going to happen anytime soon, if ever. Prices are too expensive. But we can find some nice places for $200,000, or even lower if you're willing to move a little further out.

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June 18, 2006

I Spy: The Nutcracker's Beard

After we got Rainy he started tearing up things. Like everything. Like he will ruin absolutely every single thing you have in a house.

So he immediately ripped off our Nutcracker's beard come Christmas time. We couldn't ever figure out what happened to it. Also he hid a bunch of Christmas ornaments. Today, by the front door, the Nutcrackers beard showed up. We have no idea where it was or why it's back, but now Mr. Nutcracker has a beard again!!! HURRAY!

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June 16, 2006

I Spy: A Lambo and a Ferrari

Last night in Woodinville there was absolutely no parking at the local Quiznos. Now, nobody was actually going to Quiznos, they were all going to the fancy wine place next door. That's why their cars were so nice. Parked right next to each other, and in a no parking area at that, were a bright yellow Gallardo and a Ferrari Something-Or-Other. I can't ever tell them apart. They're nice cars though, and they've still a that special something that makes you say "Woah!" They're not like Porsches. Those things are like Hondas around here.

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June 12, 2006

I Spy: $2.99 Gas, and a Busted Lotus

Gas was under $3.00 a gallon yesterday at the local Gasco, and Safeway was selling it for $2.97 (with 10 cent discount.) It's nice to see gas prices come back to a reasonable level. Wait a second! That's not reasonable!!!!!!

Also, seen off 405 was a guy working on his Lotus Esprit which appeared to have broken down. Jennifer wanted to know why he was working on his trunk. :)

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June 08, 2006

Coolest Movie Ever

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June 07, 2006

I Spy: Saturn Sky

I've seen two Pontiac Solstii this week, both in a drab shade of gray. Neither did anything for me, as usual. But I just saw the new Saturn Sky during lunch! The Sky is basically a Solstice with some slightly different sheetmetal, and a different interior. It looks really nice!!!

Unfortunately, it's still got that horrible convertible top. And also it's made by GM. I can't forget that.

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Milky Way!

I love Milky Way trucks! I don't know why... I guess I always have even since I was a kid. I think Milky Way trucks are awesome!

Today I passed a Milky Way truck and got a big smile on my face. Then it honked at me. I don't know why. It wasn't an angry honk, but rather a "honk honk" happy honk! It made me happy! Milky Way trucks are my friend! Hurray!

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