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Let's Form a Mosh Pit

Check out this picture of people in line for free tickets to Alice in Chains free concert in Seattle.

Uh oh. Alice in Chains' fans are OLD!!! Also, isn't an Alice in Chains concert without Layne Staley kind of like a Beatles concert without John Lennon? Except John Lennon wasn't as good?

I mean... not to take away from AIC in any way. Like, if we take the analogy further then Jerry Cantrell is kind of like Paul McCartney. I'm talking about the old McCartney... the one before he got married again and injected his entire face with botox.

Part of me just thinks it's really wrong. And another part of me really wishes I'd been able to go. So let's summarize.

  • Alice in Chains fans are old fogeys
  • An AIC concert without Layne seems kind of wrong
  • ... but I would have gone in a heartbeat.
  • The Beatles aren't as good as Alice in Chains

I think my work for today is done.

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