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If You Think Bush is Guilty of War Crimes, You Are Delusional

Surely this article at Daily Kos was meant to fan the flames of outrage... after all, the reason anti-Bush protestors hold true to their beliefs is because they just know better than we do... they know more than we do... they have a better grip on reality than we do... right?

May 10: Judge Timothy McGinty incarcerated an activist with World Can't Wait--Drive Out the Regime in the psych unit of the Cuyahoga County Jail in downtown Cleveland, where she now sits for an indefinite period of time.

The anti-Bush left isn't very happy.

Terry Gilbert, one of Carol's attorneys said, "This is Gulag stuff--saying that people who are dissidents are crazy." He said that in his 33 years of practicing law, he has never seen anything like this.

But wait a second... the problem isn't that these people dissent. It's that they truly are delusional... they believe that George W. Bush is a criminal and should be impeached in the same way that the crazy guy in the park thinks the voices are talking to him. These people are out of touch with reality... what's wrong with calling a spade a spade here? The crazy guy in the park might think George W. Bush is a war criminal too, but that doesn't make him any less crazy.

The nuts keep getting louder and louder, too, especially with Bush's poll numbers so low. They seem incapable of understanding that low poll numbers don't mean people believe Bush should be impeached, or that he's a criminal, or that we went to war for oil.

See, normal people think George W. Bush isn't doing a good job. Normal people on the left think that he isn't, for example, being a good steward of the environment. Or perhaps they aren't happy with his stance on abortion, or on the creation/evolution debate. Those things are fair.

Normal people on the right aren't happy with the increasing size of government, and the abandonment of conservative principles by the Bush administration.

Normal people everywhere are unhappy that they're paying $3.19+ for a gallon of gasoline. They're unhappy about the cost of housing. Maybe they're unhappy about the cost of health care or they've been confronted by the possibility of a company outsourcing their job.

I don't know... I do know that normal people aren't convinced that George W. Bush is evil. They don't believe he is a war criminal. They don't believe that Bush lied in order to get more oil at the cost of thousands of American lives. This IS delusional thinking, and people who are delusional in this way either get ignored or they get locked up in a mental institution. Instead we are expected to listen to these people? I don't think so. I prefer my world of sanity and reality, thank you... you know, the one where Ohio voted for George W. Bush by a WIDE margin? Geesh.

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