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Lex Luthor's Blog

If you were able to stomach this week's Smallville, you may have noticed that Lex Luthor now has a blog. You can see it here. These week one of his project leaders writes:

Subject: WELCOME
Time: 9:00:00 GMT
Author: prjctmrc2africa (global mission leader)

Thank you for mobilizing on such short notice for this project. As you have no doubt been advised by your team leaders, breaking the seal on your mission documents has obligated you to the strictest confidentiality. Your only means of communication with me will be via this blog. Mr. Luthor and members of his scientific team will also be monitoring the proceedings through the blog, video updates from me and the chief archaeologist, and the images you upload.

BORING! It turns out that Lex has his own blog too, but he doesn't share it with just anyone. Here's what Lex had to say this week.

Date: April 13th, 2006
Author: lexluthor241
Currently Listening to: Five for Fighting

This week was so cool! So I was in the girls dorm at Met U, and this girl and I were totally about to do it. But then her roommate walked in on us. She was totally mad, cause she's gonna die an old maid. I was like "No wonder you can't get a boyfriend, loser!"

OMG, that hot girl just walked in! I bet she wants to do it. I'm totally going to put those pictures up on MySpace!!! TTYL!

Weird. Lex better watch out, cause after all that partying Clark did in Metropolis, Lana might just have SuperSyphilis. Ick.

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