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How Scientology Brainwashes You

Don't miss this fascinating read. It compares the initially training of Scientology to brainwashing.

On the idea that one is using their MIND to control objects, in this case an ashtray.

By this point, I was so deluded by the concept of Tone 40 that the fact that I was LIFTING IT WITH MY HANDS was irrelevant. I gave the command, the ashtray stood up. After doing this for half an hour, I felt like God, lifting the ashtray by sheer intention. My Thetan's (Scieno-babble for "spirit") Intention was using my arms and hands, though that was only for convenience, since with sufficient intent they were not necessary.

By the way, I find Scientology fascinating in part because they have their own bizarre language. I imagine this comes from Hubbard himself, whose books are at times incomprehensible.

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