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Let's Help Out Basic Instinct 2

Not that it deserves it, but the new movie Basic Instinct 2: Something Or Other is getting universally awful reviews. That means they'll have to rely on Whatshisname from the Sixty Second movie reviews. He'll say anything.

Anyway, there aren't many reviews yet, but I thought we could help the distributors of Basic Instinct 2 by helping them find good quotes to put on their ads. It turns out that there aren't many to find about a two-hour raunchfest featuring a 48 year old naked woman. But that doesn't mean we can't creatively manufacture some!

Check out this review at Moviehole.net.

Here's some excerpts:

At 48, Sharon Stone looks terrific.

Ladies and Gents, here’s a weak-a** “Taggart” episode, but with that remarkable music theme from “Basic Instinct” played over it, so you don’t notice.

Morrissey may have well been a pillow; he would’ve produced about as much heat in the bedroom scenes.

The Joe Eszterhas-written original wasn’t a fantastic film, but it was an enjoyable one.

Awesome, we have a lot to work with here. Here we go...


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