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Leftist Hate Slogans for the Next President

Assuming the next President is a Republican, the left will no longer have their usual anti-Bush slogans to throw around. One favorite is replacing the "s" in "Bush" with a swastika. The left also likes to compare Bush to a monkey, or call him "Shrub." The examples are numerous. But once Bush leaves office, who are they going to have to direct their hate at? No more Bush=Hitler. No more conspiracies about Halliburton. I'm afraid some of these people just might consider suicide.

So as a public service to the left, we've come up with some handy hate slogans to use against the next President, whoever he or she may be.

Bush does kind of look like a monkey, by the way. Regardless, here's some things for you to plaster to some signs and protest with.

For President Condoleezza Rice:
Condonazzi Rice
Condosleezza Rice
Aunt Jemima

Probably you should stick with Aunt Jemima because the other ones are pretty hard to spell.

For President Rudolph Guiliani:
Adolph Guiliani
Rudolph Guilinazi

Really this one was too easy.

For President John McCain:
John McCon
John McCrazy

I'm disappointed in myself for not coming up with something better.

For President Newt Gingrich:
Newt Gingrich
Do you really need to change it?

For President Sam Brownback
Sam Brokeback
Get it? Like he's gay. And if there's anything worse than a gay person, it's a gay Republican.

For President George Pataki
George Bush
You could just pretend George Bush is still President, so you can keep the passionate fire of hate burning deep inside you.

That's all I got. Maybe the left will get lucky and Jeb Bush will win. Of course, a Democrat could win... but not until they get their act together and start acting like fringe lunatics. Buh bye!

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I mean c'mon we have all been hearing about this story it is humongous. This poor fellow becuse he decided to belive in the bible now they are wanting to cut off his head what in the hell is this world coming too. I mean yeah by right as Americans we get the freedom of religion and speech right but anytime you are in any public place or even Easter or Christmas dinner with your family and you bring up Jesus or the Bible people atomatacly becoming offensive and uncomfortable. So does this mean that we as the American people here with our wonderful constitutional rights have to still be worried about telling people what we belive in that in turn for ourselves that singles us out? F*** THAT yeah for real becuse that day will come when they start taking away our constitutional rights to what we are led to believe is right. NO this is A real ISSUE they are already trying to take away our right to bear arms with all of the new gun control laws. So what does all this mean that we will not be allowed to read or bobles or they will imprison us and cut off our heads? YES because it is already happening in other countrys. So you can agree too disagree or whatever when it really happens I will sit here and write A new article just to say I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What now they are taking away my right to post A comment?



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