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Bad News of the Day: 3-29-06

We try to be really nice to people and go out of our way to help them. I stop to let little old ladies across the street. We return money when we get too much change back, and we've found 20 dollar bills and given them to the clerks at QFC hoping they'll get back to the owner, which they won't. I'd think I'd deserve something nice, like a job, or just somebody might say something nice to me, or just I could avoid yet more horrible news, like traffic tickets, or Jennifer having to go to the hospital because she was vomiting and nobody would even believe us, or more traffic tickets, or Jennifer having to go to the hospital some more, or whatever. Of course, I'd be wrong.

So Jennifer's school called. They want their money back... the money they gave her to attend last quarter. So that's $2000 or so. And they're not giving her any money this quarter.

Also the hospital sent their bill. They want $1500 for the hour or so Jennifer spent there. $1500 and their diagnosis was "Durrrr, we dunno what's wrong with you." The other hospital wants $200 for seeing Jennifer, and another $150 for some mystery charge, and then who knows what they'll want for the week spent there for seratonin sickness. $10,000? $15,000? $20,000? I guessed $15,000, but I guessed $900 on the other, so you know... maybe $24,000?

So, let's see. Right now $1500 + 2000 + 150 + 200 is $3750. Probably at least $15,000 on top of that. So $18,750. Oh, I still owe like $10,000 on my college tuition, which was OH SO USEFUL and I was supposed to pay them this month already but I haven't. I was waiting for next month when we'd get some money, but hey, that's not going to happen.

So pretty much we are totally in debt, have no money, and no means of income. I am actually sending out cover letters that basically say "I really need cash" because I just want a job right now so we can pay for things like food and toilet paper, let alone rent.

Plus the only people that seem to like me are the crazy cat lady and my therapist, and she gets paid to do that. Kind of. Like, she doesn't actually get paid, cause I don't have any money to pay her.

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