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You're Either Wrong or Right

Today at the corner of 522 and 104, a bunch of anti-war protestors. These people really believe they enjoy popular support, and to some extent they do thanks to the fact that they are standing just a couple miles from the Seattle city limits. But their belief that most people are against the war doesn't come from anything real, but rather from what they believe. Opinions are nice, but as Timmy would say (and where is he... I haven't been a very good friend lately) they are irrelevant, because believing something doesn't make it true.

There is a right. There is a wrong. You can agree to disagree, but that doesn't make you both right. Finally, someone else gets this.

But never mind that. Bush and his enemies can both be wrong, but they can't both be right. Either the war in Iraq is a necessary effort to secure American interests by proactively engaging the clash of civilizations with radical Islam, or it isn't. And so on and so forth.

Yes, yes, yes! There is a RIGHT in this world, even if we don't know what that right may be. There is one reality... just because you believe in something different doesn't make it valid.

So ask yourself... what is likely to be real? Were there WMDs in Iraq? Seems not. Did the Bush Administration make up reasons to go to war so that they could have access to cheap oil? Is that really all that plausible? Or was the Iraq war fueled by bad intelligence and a rush to judgment... bad mistakes to make, but mistakes nonetheless? Seriously... common sense here people. Bush wasn't entirely right. Who among us are? But he has his feet firmly planted in the ground. His "enemies" are flying high in la-la land.

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