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March's Life: 2-23-06

I didn't really get to finish yesterday's entry, but I put it up anyway. So where were we?

We went to my cousin's wedding, and then we went home. So Monday my friends at the Art Institute called me to let me know, surprise surprise, they didn't want to hire me.

Jennifer has been sick all week, and she's got big tests this week too. She hasn't gone to school for the last three days. And who knows if King County would like to hire me. They aren't answering my e-mail, but I don't really want to force the issue. It's like, I'd rather they keep thinking about it and pick me in the end.

Meanwhile, my dad tells me that an interview I did at Boeing went really well. It's just that the people who are applying for these jobs are way overqualified. I was competing against people with MBAs. The only reason they even considered me in the first place was because I'm my dad's son. The good news is they really liked me, and they didn't think I was too old or anything. In fact, they liked the maturity that comes with that. But I just didn't have the overqualifications of other people looking for the job. There were 200 people who applied for that particular job, and they interviewed seven, including me. The bad news is, 199 of those people didn't get the job, and 5 of them were overqualified enough to interview. So I have a lot of competition out there. It's tough. Plus I'm not seeing a lot of new jobs right now. Keep praying that King County will call me. That would be good for me.

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