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Job Update for Two Six Two-Oh-Oh-Six

Well, I got news on the job I interviewed last Monday for. Turns out there is a better candidate. Surprise! There's always a better candidate out there, it seems. At least this guy called me. I still haven't heard from the last loser who interviewed me for a job at Boeing.

And heaven forbid it is hard enough to actually qualify for a job these days, the good old federal government (as of today) is making it harder!

From now on, potential applicants must meet all the qualifications for a job, and demonstration of those qualifications must be shown on the resume. "I'm a quick learner" apparently doesn't cut it. Furthermore, a potential applicant must officially "express interest" in a job, and be careful not to "remove himself from consideration", even if said removal is unintentional. An example given is an applicant who expresses interest in working in Chicago, but is applying for a job that is in Boston. Oops! Don't do that.

These new rules are supposed to increase "diversity" in the workplace. Fantastic! I always wanted more diversity in the workplace. I didn't know how it could be achieved, but now I realize that ridiculous regulations are the answer!

Fortunately, most employers won't have to comply with the regulations until later this year, so there's always the potential that I might have actually found a job by then. I mean... I probably would have thought that six months ago, but whatever.

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