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In case you hadn't noticed, there's a slightly new look here at marchdecember. I finally got around to customizing the front page a bit. In BIG NUMBERS you can see how many comments there are on each post, which so far is ZERO on most of them. Anyway, please feel free to comment and make those numbers bigger. In fact, leave a comment right now... anything you want at all. You can click on the big number to do it. Make that number a 1. Or a 2. Or a 3. Or a 87. Talk about anything. I don't care. Have a nice discussion. Just give the comment system some use.

Also, I've got a picture of who is posting so it will be very easy for you to tell who posted what. But I realized that Jennifer almost never posts anything anyway, and that it says "by March" or "by December" next to the date anyway. So I was thinking I would make the image relate to the category. So like if it was about cats, a cat image would come up. Or whatever. What do you think?

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