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Cleanse Your Colon: Testimonials

One of the companies who use the Google ads on the site is called Colonix. Colon cleansing is recommended by one of our favorite confidence artists, Kevin Trudeau. I actually wonder how much he gets paid to promote others scams. Nonetheless, here is a testimonial from someone who is using Colonix.

I started the program this past Friday, 12/17. Today, 12/19, I am only 2 days into the program. I just had a big bowel movement and being the scientist I am, I had to look to see what I had voided. WOW was I ever surprised!!! All kinds of unimaginable things were in my stool. Well, I am a biochemist and in my lab I have microscopes and dissecting microscopes so I took the plunge and recovered a lot of the unidentifiable objects. I am making a special trip to the lab today to investigate these items. This product really works. It is the GREATEST!

Wow. He writes again with the results back from his lab.

They were definitely parasites. Some of the material appeared to be undigested food as well. I don't want to gross you out but let me tell you what I observed. And these things came from me after using your WONDERFUL product for only 2 days. I measured this one red object. It was 1 cm long and bright red. When I looked at it under the microscope it had scales on it like a fish. It was only about 2 mm wide. It definitely had a head on it.
Another object had a head and a long body that went into a large mass. On top of this head was an antenna like protrusion that had a hook on the end. Not sure what it was but you could see the opening on this thing. I can't believe this stuff was living inside me. Also, one cream colored mass was filled with something that I feel were eggs. There were hundreds of these in that mass.
I tell you, you folks have made a believer out of me with Colonix. I had no idea we had parasites living inside of us. It is amazing and even more amazing to see these things eliminated from my body. Oh, I did see something that resembled a squid. It had a large body and a bunch of tentacles coming off it. It was associated with one of those large masses that I recovered. Too bad your clients don't have access to a microscope to look at this stuff that comes from their bodies. Certainly is scary.

Look at that sentence I highlighted. "I had no idea we had parasites living inside of us." What kind of idiot biochemist doesn't know we have parasites living inside of us?

Colonix has a picture gallery too, but you might just want to avoid that one.

You know, the worst part is, for all I know Colonix is a great product. I personally think colon cleansing is probably unnecessary. But because it is associated with Kevin Trudeau, my assumption is that it is a scam as well. And I'm sure Trudeau is right about a few things. I'm seriously considering writing a book.

If you're still interested in Colonix after all this, the links below should provide you with some interesting reading material.

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