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Newsweek Asks: Where's the Outrage?

Arlene Getz of Newsweek wants to know why Americans aren't outraged over the use of warrantless phone taps by the U.S. Gov't. Of course, this is the question the media constantly asks itself whenever they try to attack Bush... where is the outrage?

Of course, if you're like me, you just kind of assumed this sort thing was happening all along... even before September 11th. People have watched enough movies to understand that their communications are likely filtered through computers which look for words like "bomb" or "terror" or "nuclear" or things like that. Those communications are probably then examined more closely by professionals looking for any evidence of actual wrongdoing. In fact, if these sorts of things aren't happening, then somebody isn't doing their job right. People who live in the real world want these sort of things to happen. The outrage would be to allow another 9/11-type event just because we weren't willing to look amongst ourselves for suspicious and criminal activity.

People just aren't worried about this sort of thing. The media finds itself essentially manufacturing scandals... and not particularly interesting ones either. Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, a stained dress, and a cigar? That's stuff people want to hear about. Murderers and rapists are humilated in an Iraqi prison? Not particularly engaging. I'm not saying that makes it right, but there's a reason they have to preach so loudly... they have to convince otherwise content Americans that something is horribly wrong with the Bush administration.

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Barry Merchant:

Bush should be impeached for getting us into an unwarranted and unnecessary war and using 911 as an excuse to take away our constitutional rights with the Unpatriot Act, imprisonment of individuals without due process, torture, and now spying on Americans without going through proper legal channels. In addition his administration has made up news stories in this country and in Iraq. For God's sake, they impeached Clinton for lying about sex! Bush's acts killed over 2100 American soldiers, injured another 20,000, and killed and wounded probably over 100,000 Iraqis. His conduct poses a much greater threat to this country than the terrorists ever will.


The NSA isn't trying to spy on the American citizen, but are intercepting communications intended for the foreign terrorist. If that communication happens to come from the USA, are they supposed to ignore it? If that were so then all Osma would have to do is find a Muslim in America to send all his communications through. Any American government official would have to stop intercepting the communication as soon as they realized an "American Citizen" was part of the equation. How ridiculous does that sound? If people like Adler had their way, it is what could happen.

"His conduct poses a much greater threat to this country than the terrorists ever will."

Because the terrorists never killed over 2100 Americans or anything.

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