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December 12, 2006

Quattro, Fusion, What's Next?

I'm fascinated by the razor wars. After inventing a five (plus one!) bladed razor, what do you do next? What trick will Gillette use to make me feel like my Fusion is outdated and needs to be replaced. Can Schick get me to switch to a six bladed razor?

The Patent and Trademark office is always a fun place to find potential glimpses of the future. Gillette may be working on razors that use color to indicate when they need to be replaced. As the blade dulls, it would turn color and allow the user to know when the blade ought to be replaced.

Gillette has requested a few trademarks for their new blades as well: Malibu and Phantom. The Phantom could be the next iteration of the Fusion... possibly with a new innovation (like color-changing blades, though probably not). Probably it's just a black Fusion. Malibu looks to be a new disposable for women.

Meanwhile, Schick is coming up with new innovations to compensate for the fact that they can't credibly throw a few more blades on and call it the Schick Quattro X2. (Though that's not a bad idea.) They're working on a blade that includes a lubricating liquid (somewhat like the wet razors from Norelco) and a cartridge which includes a MOVING blade. That seems like a VERY, VERY bad idea to me, but whatever.

This all means one thing for you and me. Our razors are going to get even MORE expensive, and they probably won't shave any better.

Posted by March at December 12, 2006 01:34 AM


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