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September 11, 2006

RV Fun

I have always loved, even since I was a kid, figuring out what parts they use for the headlights and taillights on RVs. The other day we passed an RV that was using the taillights off a Grand Am! It used to be they only got these things off trucks. But not anymore. These days they look pretty wild.

This RV obviously stole it's lights from a Ford F-150. The grille looks to be from the same truck as well.

These sure look like they're off a Toyota Camry.

Taillights off a Ford Explorer SportTrac, aren't they? What's bizarre is they look so out of place. They had to go out of their way to fit them on. Why not just use something more tame. It's like Ford made an excess of them and were willing to sell them cheap.

Taillights off a previous generation Vette.

Off a Dodge Ram.

Looks like these are off a Chevy Impala.

I know, I need a life.

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September 04, 2006

I Spy: Booby and an Acura RDX

This weekend on the way to the fair there were construction signs on SR-522, supposedly from the children of construction workers. One of them says something like "Be careful, my mommy works here, Thanks, Bobby." But somebody has taken spray paint and altered the sign so it says "Booby" instead of "Bobby". I'm not very tolerant of graffiti, unless it pokes fun of our incompetent government.

Speaking of our government, the Wasps were out at the fair. They had a big sign that said "The best offense is a good defense". Yeah, "A good defense against the cops that is" I said. Hopefully within earshot of the corrupt police. They also had dunk a cop for a dollar. I said that would be worth it, but Jennifer said they already got one hundred and some dollars of us without just cause.

I've seriously considered putting up some sort of cam in my car, on a security loop or something. Then I could just show that in court and win. But given the infrequency that I actually get pulled over, that probably wouldn't be worth it. And I'd have to get one for my current car, and also my future car, the BMW 335Ci. Wow.

Oh, also I saw an Acura RDX. Big whoop.

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